The Really Funny Thing About Apathy
by Chelsea Martin  

a collection of stories including:
--McDonald's is Impossible
--Moments Before the Future Begins to Approach

published by sunnyoutside


"The book's extreme sentence style and structure feels like a meditation on consciousness, feeling, and of course, the absence of both." - Nylon Magazine

"Within a bland and insipid landscape, Martin finds moments of true sweetness." - Publisher's Weekly

"These stories are awesome little jigsaw puzzles that turn into a whole miraculous universe. And in this universe, Chelsea Martin is yearning for the answers to life's biggest questions in the most entertaining way possible. This contemplative little book is both funny ha ha and funny peculiar." - Kevin Sampsell, author of A Common Pornography

"Chelsea Martin writes beautifully. I get lost in her evocative prose and when she writes about loneliness I feel less alone." - Stephen Elliot , author of The Adderall Diaries

"Making up stories that will appear on paper, Chelsea Martin inventively overwhelms her neighborhood’s readers. Homeschooling your kids? Use this vivid, outlandish book." – The Rumpus

"Martin can shift from deadpan to devastation in a split second" - SF Gate

"Chelsea Martin is a peach cobbler your friend made but accidentally left cooling too long what with the dance party inside the kitchen, and then it started to hail, and everybody forgot about the peach cobbler and went home, but then you snuck back into your friend's house at some awful hour of the morning that probably shouldn't even exist, and you stole that peach cobbler and ate it and you've never really had anything like it since, though you will sometimes jitter-step with your hands in your pockets or give a joke sympathy chuckles and lightly brush your hair away from your face so people can see your eyes." - Mike Young

"Chelsea Martin has unwavering eyes, wide-open ears, and a pitch-perfect voice." - The Rumpus

"Chelsea Martin is cross-eyed, with weird-looking ears and a voice that sounds almost certainly inhuman" - James Yeh

"I love Chelsea Martin." - Blake Butler, HTMLGiant